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Fulfill your goals, whatever they may be. Grow your financial assets while simultaneously protecting your loved ones with the PPLI and VUL plans. Create a portfolio that serves your exact needs, whether you seek estate planning, business succession, protection for your family, or securing your assets against an unpredictable market. With our bespoke wealth management solutions, your legacy is assured.


Financial Advisory

We provide advisory and research services as well as arrange contracts based on exemplary life insurance fiduciary advisory practices. We take pride in bespoke face-to-face services based on our clients’ requirements.


我们提供咨询和研究服务,并安排根据模范典型的人寿保险信托咨询实践合同。 我们根据客户的要求提供量身定制的面对面服务。

Wealth Management

Tailored suite of insights and wealth amassment solutions to grow your personal wealth in a safe, regulated and effective estate planning solution.



Insurance & Investments

Private placement life insurance and universal life solutions for wealth protection, financial compliance, B2B distribution and cross-border asset transfers and jurisdiction compatibility. Key features include:

  • High insurance coverage for life
  • Premium payable in cash and/or by transfer of assets
  • Insurance benefits payable in cash and/or by transfer of assets
  • Available in 8 currencies


  • 高保额的终生人寿保险
  • 保费可以以现金和/或资产转移的方式缴付
  • 保险赔偿以现金和/或资产转移的方式支付
  • 支持 8种货币结算

Optimal Protection

You retain your existing investment portfolio and strategy, while enjoying your assurance that the financial future of your loved ones is secured.


您可在保留现有投资组合和策略的同时,确保您的亲人未来财务状况获得 保障。

Investments in Control

You maintain the control of the invested assets, and have the option of working with your own asset manager.


您继续保持对投资资产的控制, 并且可以选择与您自己的资产管理方合作。

Efficient Wealth Distribution

Your beneficiaries will have a choice to receive the insurance payout in cash and/or by transfer of assets, ensuring an efficient distribution of estate.


您的受益人可以选择以现金和或资产转移的方式来收取保险赔款, 从而确保财产的有效分配。

Access to Profits

You can withdraw investment profits from your PPLI or VUL plans at your disposal,, giving you greater liquidity and flexibility.




How we help our clients


PPLI Asia was established in Singapore, known for its sound financial services laws, institutional stability and protection of client confidentiality. We craft solutions to cater for estate planning, succession planning, wealth preservation and wealth transfer as well as wealth management. The company’s experienced and qualified professionals deliver customised life insurance-based or fiduciary solutions and advise clients with a variety of complex needs.

Life insurance brokers are licensed under the Financial Advisers Act (Chapter 110) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Our clients are from around the region esp Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, India, UK and European countries.

We mostly use private placement life insurance and universal life to achieve the wealth protection, wealth transfer and tax management objectives of our clients.

We have distribution agreements with life insurance companies in Singapore, Bermuda, Barbados, Liechtenstein, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands and United States.

亚洲私募寿险(理财顾问)私人有限公司成立于新加坡,拥有在财务顾问法令下颁发的许可证,并受监管于新加坡国家金融管理局,专门为合格投资者(Accredited Investor)在财务管理方面提供策划和量身定制的解决方案。



我们拥有新加坡,百慕大,巴巴多斯, 列支敦士登,马恩岛,开曼群岛 及美国保险公司的分销协议。
  • Wong Keng Chun

    Managing Director

    served as Chief Business Officer of AXA Life Singapore, Sales Director of Swiss Life Singapore, CEO of Great Eastern Life Indonesia, CEO/Managing Director of NMBf Merchant Bank Fiji, Director of MBf International, Sydney (an ASX company) , Vice President of MBf Asia Capital Corporation Pty Ltd, Hong Kong, amongst others. He also founded two registered fund management companies in Singapore.

  • See Seen Lee


    is an Actuary by training and started in the traditional space of calculating reserves, reporting them to regulators, pricing insurance products and putting all this work into a computer programme. A Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries in UK in 2005, he worked in Prudential Scotland before moving to Singapore to work for AIA and AXA. He then ventured into risk management with Aviva and later on as the Head of Risk Management for Tokio Marine, Singapore. See Seen holds a BSc (hons) Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics (1st class), Heriot-Watt University, Scotland. He is currently involved in the strategic planning of the company.

  • Sharon Foo

    Finance, Director

    has extensive experience in accounting, external audit, taxation, corporate secretarial and business management. He is a chartered accountant and tax practitioner by training with various professional firms. His past professional exposure in various industries contributed significantly to his corporate career development.

  • Cheng Hock Chi

    Executive Director

    Chief Operating Officer

    qualified as a Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries in 1985, after graduating from the Heriot-Watt University in 1981. He joined Great Eastern Life Assurance in Singapore that year, where he spent 21 years. He has also served on the Council of the Singapore Actuarial Society in various capacities – Council Member, Honorary Secretary, Vice-president and President.

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